A Gesture that Brought Tears to My Eyes in Havana Cuba


Havana_Vieja_at_NightOn a Cruise to Cuba

It was a bit before midnight in Old Havana, our ship, the Carnival Paradise, had just left the terminal. Many of the guests, including myself, had decided to go to the upper decks to get their last glimpse of Havana. Meanwhile, hundreds of Habaneros where gathered on the famous Malecón, ocean boulevard, grabbing a bit of fresh air on a hot August night while socializing with friends.

For those that have not seen Havana at night, it isn’t a skyline that is very bright (shown above). I would say the city at night is a perfect setting for a thriller film or even a romance novel. However, because of this, what transpired captured not only my attention but of all of those watching.

Malecón at Night

It started small but grew. A few Cubans on the seawall took out their cell phones and started to wave with their flashlights on. Suddenly, we did the same. Havana’s Malecón had become a sea of waving lights. You could hear shouts from both sides, “Te quiero. I love you. Come back. I miss you already Cuba.” As the ship turned out to sea, I returned to my cabin. I had just experienced the most genuine expression of being good neighbors.

Good Neighbors

Regardless of your politics, red, blue, purple, or other, now more than ever it is crucial that we be kind, respectful, and good neighbors. There are many life lessons for all just ninety-miles south of Key West. If you would like to be a good neighbor and learn more about travel to Cuba, visit these posts, grab a copy of my book, Cubicle to Cuba, and start planning your visit.

As always, here’s to looking up!


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