True Story of the Luck of the Adventure

Although what I’m about to share with you sounds like fiction, it certainly is not. This is a true story about a South Florida woman and what a little dose of inspiration and adventure can do.

After one of my presentations where I shared my story of overcoming obstacles and the powerful mantra of Look Up, I challenged all of the attendees to add a little adventure to their lives. I prefaced this by defining adventure as something new, out of the norm, and perhaps fearful. It didn’t need to be jumping out of an airplane, but it could be. I gave examples such as simply going on a blind date or experiencing a familiar place in a different way.

I know that many left the event and went back to their routines forgetting about my challenge, but not this lucky lady. Before leaving, she shared her recent hardships with caring for her two elderly parents as well as her survival from cancer. She was having a When All Balls Drop moment.

The following day, I received an email message without a subject, but from a last name that I recognized. It said, “I read your book cover to cover and found inspiration. I went to the casino the day after. Out of a thousand, I won a new Maserati. Wow! Silver lining! That was my first small adventure!”

Now, I can’t promise that every adventure will lead to a Maserati, but by doing the same routine over and over again and expecting a different result is certainly not going to do it. If you have heard something similar, I’m on the same page as Einstein. Not a bad Partner In Crime (PIC) to have!

So, in essence, add some adventure to your life. Travel to a new place this summer. Take a new class. Apply for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Luck comes to those that adventure.

Let this true story bring you inspiration and share it with others.

Here’s to looking up!

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  1. Lenny Kravitz
    That's been our mantra. In our retirement we plan to do something out of our daily routine every month - some big, some small ( i. e., our trip to Cuba last June). Great rewards and always something to look forward to. Lenny & Maryanne Kravitz
    • Heidi Siefkas
      It is crucial to continue to break/change up your routine. The rewards are tremendous whether a new car or heightened perspective. You've heard that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. Let's not be loco!

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