Look Up Reminder from a Rooster


Look_Up_Reminder_from_a_rooster_by_Heidi_SiefkasWe all need reminders.

That’s why Post-its were invented as well as the millions of digital apps and features to alert us at all hours of up and coming meetings, birthdays, or haircuts.

Although meetings, beauty treatments, and celebrations are important, what should be at the top of your to-do list every day?

The answer: HAPPINESS

Look Up reminds us to tap into the power of perspective and happiness by:

1) Being in the moment, appreciating the beauty as well as hazards around us.

2) Find the upside. All wounds, hurdles, and life obstacles turn into wisdom. 

I can talk and write until I’m blue in the face about how this two-word mantra of Look Up has helped me through thick and thin as well as others going through a divorce, job loss, or just a really bad day. However, when I witnessed a story first hand in Cuba, I had to share it my latest book, Cubicle to Cuba.

Enjoy the audio Look Up reminder from a rooster below! 

Listen here

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