The Secret to Turning 81

This week, my father is turning eighty-one. Ok, for those of you that know him or have read about him in my books, you know that he is really eighty-one going on twenty-one in maturity and just general behavior.

Now, my father won’t say that the only secret to turning eighty-one is acting young, but he would say it doesn’t hurt. In other words, taking life not so seriously is useful.

Although he taught speech and theatre for over forty years at the local university and has multiple Masters and a Ph.D., he is probably as famous for being Dr. Thong, the professional beach bum and bartender who makes strong margaritas on the rocks with salt.

You may have heard the quote that, “The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears, and the sea.” I think my dad would say the cure for anything is his recipe for happiness: sun, sand, and a margarita with salt (see the lead picture of the two of us doing just that).

So if you don’t have a beach, a margarita, or sun handy right now, get yourself to a happy place with your libation of choice because it’s time for a toast!

Happy Birthday Dad (a.k.a Dr. Thong)!

I’m hoping that I won’t need to call the cops on this birthday

(If you haven’t read When All Balls Drop, I included a funny excerpt above about cops on a birthday!)

Here’s to looking up!


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