Take the Time to Look Up – Because this Life is Pretty Frickin’ Amazing

Look_Up_Sagrada_Familia_Barcelona_Heidi_SiefkasHey you!

Yes, you, the one with the never-ending to-do list.

I know you.

I bet that sometimes you have nightmares about your to-do list. Yeah, when you should be dreaming of pleasant things and recharging your battery, you’re up late at night with your lists.


I have been like you. And, I admit it; I sometimes revert back to my super multi-tasker tendencies. Then, I get bogged down with a mountain of small stuff. I lose focus.

When this happens, I remember the life lesson that a thousand-pound tree limb taught me:

Look Up

Yes, it’s that simple, two words. However, this phrase incorporates two major themes to keep you grounded and shift your perspective regardless of situation.

Be in the moment. Slow down.
Positively spin each situation to see the opportunity.

I’m sending you this little post from Barcelona, Spain on Look Up Day (celebrated each 27th of the month). You betcha, I’m looking up whether at the artistic masterpieces of Gaudi or from a tapa bar with a glass of cava. It has been nearly seventeen years since I lived in Spain. Wow, times flies!

And because times does fly, take the time to look up from that Smartphone/laptop/_________(insert other techie device) because this life is pretty frickin’ amazing.

Happy Look Up Day!

Here’s to looking up today and every day!


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