My GPS is Set on Happiness

Seriously, why on earth would you ever choose another setting than happiness for your GPS?

I came to this epiphany after a chardonnay lunch in Fort Lauderdale. (Yes, I come up with great ideas with a little liquid inspiration.)

Now, I'm not talking about not using your GPS or Google Maps to get to your next meeting or to find the food truck that your friend recommended to you.

I'm talking about what setting you have on in your head. You can choose from a Chinese menu of settings from angry or sad to stressed. My favorite selection for my temper tantrums is a combination of all of them at once into a BIG HOT mess, but then I check-in with happiness.

Since this ah-ha moment nearly six years ago now, I have consciously taken the time to appreciate the happiness that is around and in me. To share this happiness, I have written books and blog posts, but also taken pictures of my feet framing the moment. Yes, I'm sure other people have done this too, taking pictures of their feet. However, I do have to say my feet are darn cute AND well-traveled.


Cienfuegos, Cuba with a mojito (a.k.a. Cuban problem solver)

In these pictures, I hope to inspire you to find the happiness in your moment. It's your decision to set that GPS on happiness.

If you would like to see a collection of these GPS shots, check out my Pinterest board.
If you want to follow my adventures in real-time, check out my snaps on Snapchat: heidisiefkas.

Until you stop by again,

Here's to looking up!

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