Reader Review of When All Balls Drop – Redefining What it Means to Have it All

What makes you pick your next book?

A) a recommendation from a friend or a co-worker

B) an article in the press

C) cover

D) title

I bet that each would sway you, but none more than another reader, choice A.

Although I can talk hours about my books and story, its reviews from readers that are just like you (not my mother) that really tip the scales.

Thank you Kim for your glowing review and your picture. Cheers!

Five Stars When All Balls Drop is a beautifully-written book about how one woman’s entire life changed in an instant. I turned page after page, thinking to myself how easy it would have been for her to give up. Losing love is hard enough, but losing your career and your health at the same time is practically unthinkable… I so admire her courage in sharing her amazing story of survival–and of picking up the pieces, reexamining your life, and starting to pursue your passions…Her book is a must-read for those hoping to feel empowered to make a change. Cheers, Heidi! Thanks for sharing your story. – Kim T, New York Read full review

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Now, if you haven’t read either, come on. There is no excuse! With the release of the audio version coming out soon, you can listen to it in the car, on a plane, or on the treadmill. Get a free excerpt of the audio version here or go ahead and take the plunge on audible.

Here’s to looking up!



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