Best Life Tool – Remember to Look Up

When others ask me for words of advice or encouragement, I revert back to the lesson I learned six years ago:

Remember to #LookUp

What is so valuable about #LookUp?

With only two practical, yet powerful words, #LookUp can help you shift your mental channel and gain perspective. Regardless of what you’re going through: a bad day at the office, loss of a pet, or an annoying TSA line at an airport, #LookUp works to quickly check-in with yourself. Plus, there is a big bonus to this life tool. #LookUp can be carried with you everywhere.

Keeping it short and sweet, #LookUp has two simple components to remind us all to:

  1. Be in the moment, appreciating the beauty around you as well as the hazards. In essence, be mindful.
  2. Spin each situation positively. Although many occurrences appear negative at first, they are all detours to needed lessons and opportunity.

Now, I know that sometimes things get so tough that you feel powerless, but #LookUp is within your power. There are no wasted experiences in this life; all wounds, hiccups, and life hurdles turn into wisdom. #LookUp is an easy and fast way to ground yourself and see the upside of whatever you are going through.

So as you head out into the world today, keep #LookUp with you. Whatever you encounter a traffic jam, bad news via text, or something else that you have difficulty wrapping your brain around, take a moment to #LookUp.

To read more about how #LookUp and #LookUpDay were created, check out my book, When All Balls Drop.

You can also find #LookUp and #LookUpDay posts on social media by searching the two hashtags.

Here’s to looking up!


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