When All Balls Drop Reader Review – Inspirational Personal Journey Relatable to the Reader

After a rather busy week of travel from Florida to Los Angeles for a conference at the Roosevelt Hotel followed by another flight to Kauai, I was a little more than exhausted. I was dead tired. Although I’m a found believer in coffee and Diet Coke until it is wine-thirty, it wasn’t working as smoothly as I had hoped. However, a special something popped up on my computer to perk me up!

You wanna know what pushed me through?

It was the review below by a reader in Virginia.

Five Stars – Inspirational personal journey relatable to the reader – I found the book hard to put down. The structure of the book lends itself well to being read all in one sitting, or if you only have a few minutes here or there to read a few pages. While the story itself if deeply personal, it is presented in such a way that many of the overarching themes about dealing with adversity, perseverance, and starting over are relatable to the reader.

By the time I closed the book, I found that I had tabbed a number of pages and vignettes as “favorites”. Many I think, because of their relatability, and others for their humor, frankness, and vivid descriptions. – Samantha in Virginia – Read full review

Thank you Samantha.  Reader reviews are some of my best motivation. To know that my story of Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) is making a difference means the world.

If you haven’t gotten of copy of When All Balls Drop or With New Eyes, click here. If you would like to get your hands or better said ears on the When All Balls Drop audio version narrated by me, click here for a free excerpt.

Here’s to looking up!


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