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Heidi Siefkas on Catch a Vision Boston

Got 5 minutes? Listen to Author Heidi Siefkas share her inspirational story of Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) with Suzie & Ally of Catch of Vision in Boston. If you haven't read Heidi's books, When All Balls Drop and With New Eyes, get your copies from Amazon, Audible, and your favorite online bookseller.
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Just Read Review Everybody’s Got Something by Robin Roberts

Although I have been as busy as everyone else over the holidays with parties, gift wrapping, traveling, and cooking, I did make time to get some backyard, hammock R&R in to read. As an author people think I have so much time to read. I do because I enjoy it, but I also spend a…
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When All Balls Drop Spotted Flying Over the Finger Lakes of New York

When I asked readers to send in pictures of where they are enjoying my books, I never could have imagined the response! A tremendous outpour of readers' pictures and reviews have been flooding my inbox and social media feed. Thank you all! I owe a special mahalo to Kim for sending this shot while flying…
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