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Just Read Review Everybody’s Got Something by Robin Roberts

Although I have been as busy as everyone else over the holidays with parties, gift wrapping, traveling, and cooking, I did make time to get some backyard, hammock R&R in to read. As an author people think I have so much time to read. I do because I enjoy it, but I also spend a…
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Just Read Review of Healthy Is Not a Size, It Is a Lifestyle

What does an author and adventurer read?  I have always had at least two printed books in my backpack since adolescence.  Now, in the digital age, I also have a Kindle book going and perhaps even an audio book. Where do you do most of your reading? Over the last two months, I have traveled…
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Just Read Review of Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein

As an author, I get asked the same question wherever I am. I'm serious. It has happened on a return flight to Kauai earlier this month, at a party last weekend, and even on social media in the middle of the night.   "What do you read?" My latest read was a book that a…
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