Just Read Review of Healthy Is Not a Size, It Is a Lifestyle

What does an author and adventurer read? 

I have always had at least two printed books in my backpack since adolescence.  Now, in the digital age, I also have a Kindle book going and perhaps even an audio book.

Where do you do most of your reading?

Over the last two months, I have traveled quite a bit, visiting Greece, Turkey, Italy, and South Florida. You bet that my carry-on was jammed packed with books and my journal. While at thirty thousand feet, I do some of my best writing and reading.

Over my umpteen flights this fall, one of the many books that I read was Healthy Is Not a Size, It Is a Lifestyle by Wendy Cottiers. This book sheds light on the genetically modified organisms (GMO) industry and its role in our health. In it, Cottiers points out many ways to take baby steps to a healthier lifestyle by reducing the amount of GMOs in your diet and home/office.

Want to know what I thought?

Read my review below.

Health_is_not_a_size_it_is_a_lifestyle_by_wendy_cottiersThis is a well-researched, exceptional guide for implementing a healthier, GMO-free lifestyle. Although I knew the basics of eating healthy, this book uncovered the dirty truth of the influence that GMOs have on not only the foods/liquids that we consume, but also the products that we use on our bodies and in our homes/offices. Having had a health scare myself and another recently in my immediate family, I was drawn to the baby steps that can be taken to assist in healing or reducing ailments without prescriptions. I look forward to the day that the USA labels GMOs and Wendy’s store. I have an upcoming trip to New Zealand. After learning it is a non-GMO country, I will be looking at my experience in grocery stores and restaurants there with new eyes. Bravo!” – Read full review

I had the opportunity to meet the author in South Florida where we swapped stories of travel to Tuscany as well as our common ties to Hudson River Valley New York. In fact, Wendy and I immediately got along like “peas and carrots” (of course non-GMO peas and carrots). That’s why in 2016, we will be collaborating on health and wellness retreats in South Florida and also internationally.

If you would like to learn more about Wendy Cottiers, click on the links to her business Positive Nutrition, other books, and our event in Antigua, May 2016.

BTW, if you have room in your carry-on or on your Kindle for another couple good reads, check out my two inspirational memoirs, When All Balls Drop and With New Eyes.

Here’s to looking up!


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