How To Get A Proper Taste Of Culture Whenever You Travel

When you’re off on your travels, the one thing you always want to get to know is the culture you’re visiting. You’re in a new country, possibly on a new continent, and the way of life is much different to your own. You’ve got a lot to explore, and a limited time to do it in! So, no matter where you’re headed off to next, make sure you keep these culture tips in mind.

Buy From a Food Van

Street food and the like are great ways to get to know a country or a city’s favorite food. Something that’s cheaper than sitting down in a restaurant but is packed with so much flavor – buying food from a van or cart will make for a very tasty lunch! And no matter where you go in the world, there are going to be food vendors set up on every corner. Everyone needs to eat, after all, so save some of your trip budget and buy items like burgers, bagels, and quesadillas from the people who really know how to make them. 

Take in a Show

Whatever is on the stage or is being performed in the park is a good way to cut into the arts culture of a country. It helps to show what the people like to go see, and what makes them laugh and cry – that’s the best way to get to know anyone! So the next time you’re in a place that has an active theater scene, go take in a show. There are plenty of New York outdoor concerts you can easily swing discounted or free tickets to, and if you’ve got nothing planned for an evening, a show like this would be a great use of your time. 

Use a Local Guide

It’s easy to sign up for a tour that’s hosted by the travel company you’re going with, but it’s much better to find a local guide and have them show you around instead. People who live and work in the area always know the best spots – ones that are quieter and have more to offer. You don’t want to constantly be setting down in tourist traps, and finding a guide who’s lived in the country their whole life will really help you get to know what’s going on. 

Get Out at Night

The nightlife scene is always a marvel. If you get out when the sun goes down and the clubs and bars start opening, your trip will be filled with new music, friendly faces, and plenty of nightlife charm. Get out there and order a cocktail or two, especially if you’re traveling in a group. Getting to know a place means seeing it both day and night, so don’t waste too much time in the hotel! 

Getting to know the country you’re in helps to enrich a vacation and might even make you a few friends too! So if you want culture, keep tips like these in mind. 

*Post contributed by Carina Kokke, a travel writer and coffee lover from the U.K.*


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