Must Haves To Pack For Your Next Trip

With the global ban on international travel, most of us have been unable to satiate our wanderlust for more than a year. Although the future of travel remains uncertain, more and more nations are opening up, kindling a glimmer of hope in those of us eager to get back on the road.

So, in case you’ve forgotten everything you’ll need, here’s a list of some must-haves for your next trip. Whenever that is.


This may sound basic, but if you wish to go out in the sun, you may forget to shield your eyes from those harmful UV rays. If you need prescription glasses, it’s also a good idea to invest in prescription sunglasses. Many glasses-wearers have experienced the dilemma of having to choose between seeing and protecting their eyes from the sun. Prescription sunglasses are a game-changer and a must-have when traveling.

A Plan 

One of the most important things you can do is have a plan in place. Even if you are heading on a road trip it pays off to check out the local accommodation options, attractions, and places to eat. Before you travel make sure you do things such as look at Sapphire Resorts reviews, make a note of where you can pick up essentials, pre-book excursions, etc. 


Make a copy of your passport, any visas you require, insurance papers, ID cards, and keep a pen on you at all times so you can fill out customs declaration or any other forms you may come across on your trip.


Keep some local cash with you at all times as an emergency fund, and store it somewhere a thief is unlikely to seek. To avoid carrying significant quantities of cash, attempt to utilize a trip card or a travel-friendly credit card for your international transactions. It’s also worth making sure that someone at home has some spare cash for you. You could perhaps give some to a friend to hold onto, just in case you lose your card or fall victim to theft. They can then send you some of the cash and your adventure doesn’t need to end. 

Electrical Essentials

Not only will you need phone and camera chargers, but if you’re going abroad, you’ll also need at least one travel adaptor to connect your charges to foreign power sockets. It is advised to bring a couple of adapters with you so that you can use more than one electrical item at the same time. Portable chargers are particularly useful for travelers, as you don’t want to be trapped somewhere with a dead phone.

Flying Must-Haves 

Traveling by plane, whether long-distance or short-distance, can be an unpleasant experience if you are not well prepared. Make sure to include earplugs, an eye mask, and a neck cushion in your carry-on so you can sleep if necessary. You may also find small inflatable neck pillows that take up no space in your suitcase.

These are all important things that you need to make sure you pack on your next trip. Is there anything that has been missed? Please add them to the list below. 

*Post contributed by Ian Kensworth, a foodie and travel writer*


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