3 Gadgets That Can Level Up Your Next Adventure

Adventure is all about getting away from your everyday routine and mixing it up with an exciting experience that you’ll never forget. You’re away from home, and the world is your oyster. Besides, you deserve it. While some people like to go wild, you might prefer to bring a slice of civilization along with you.

Some gadgets can do wonders to improve your adventure and make the experience that much more enjoyable. They can range from tech designed for specific activities or that can be used for all kinds of adventures. Here are some examples that could take your next adventure to the next level.

Mountable Camera

The worst part of most adventures is when they end. Sometimes it can be hard to leave those memories behind, but you don’t always have to. By using a sturdy mountable camera, like those sold by GoPro, you can record your adventures as they happen.

These cameras can be attached to your clothing or, depending on what you’re doing, your mode of transportation. If you’re going mountain biking, for example, you can clip the camera to your handlebars and film your adventures.

Ideally, the camera should be robust enough to handle your adventure along with you, while still being able to capture smooth video. Some cameras are even waterproof, so you don’t need to worry if things get wet. 

As well as being able to relive your adventures when you get home, you can send your footage to friends and family. This way, they can feel as though they’ve been part of your adventure without even leaving the comfort of their own homes. 

Portable Chargers

Most people take their mobile phones everywhere they go, even if they’re in the wilderness. If your adventure takes a few days before you can get back to civilization, then your phone may run out of battery before you get back.

Even if you don’t want to spend much time attached to a screen, your mobile phone is your way of contacting the outside world. If you need help, you will want that phone nicely charged up. Take a portable charger with you, so that you can recharge your phone on the move.

Ski Helmet Headphones

Some of us like listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks wherever we go. This can get tricky when you’re wearing a helmet, as they’re less comfortable and just get in the way. Or you might be going somewhere that isn’t headphone friendly. In that case, you should get some headphones that are designed to handle the challenge. 

For example, wildhorn ski helmet headphones are designed specifically for, you guessed it, ski helmets. They’re audio pucks that drop into your helmet ear flaps. They connect using Bluetooth, so there are no pesky wires that can get tangled up. 

Even better, Bluetooth-enabled headphones like this can even be compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, which means that you can take calls and send texts without having to take off your gloves. It’s just so much more convenient. 

*Post contributed by Jim Faulk, peer travel writer and adventurer.*


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