Five Reasons You Deserve an Adventure

The world is a very big place and while it can feel like there’s not much beyond your own front door, there really is. There are adventures to be had out there and if you don’t travel to find them, you end up with just one page to follow instead of an entire book. Would you pick up a book and ignore everything beyond the front page? No? Then why would you do that to yourself? 

You have to get out of this mindset that there are obstacles to an adventure. We need time away in life to be able to remember that there is more to it than putting a nose to the grindstone and focusing on work. There is far more to life than that, and you deserve a few days in which you can enjoy immersing yourself in a new culture, on a new beach with your toes in the surf. It’s only fair that you be that kind to yourself every now and then. Otherwise, how are you planning to get your Egypt tour booked and experienced? You need to have an adventure from time to time to remember that you are a human being with wants and needs that need to be fulfilled. In fact, this TEDx talk explains why.

With that in mind, here are some of the best reasons that you deserve an adventure!

  1. You will be a far more productive person when you have an adventure from time to time. You’re going to improve that productivity and reduce your own fatigue because you took yourself out of the regular hamster wheel of life and slowed down for a moment. Instead of feeling rushed, you get to be productive because you have recharged your batteries.
  2. You can’t stop thinking. When you step off the plane and you have that wall of summer heat hit you, you instantly give yourself a break from the rat race! You are able to stop thinking about work and about stress and you get to put yourself in the moment. Sometimes, you need to unplug an appliance and plug it back in to get it running again – it’s the same for you.
  3. You’ll be far more creative as a result. Time away can really give you a chance to be more creative and refresh your mind a little. You’re going to feel rejuvenated and you are going to feel as if you can conquer the world as a result. You’ll get those creative juices flowing just by stepping into new surroundings!
  4. You’ll get quality time. An adventure away allows you to have quality time with whoever you go with – or even with just yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a solo adventure from time to time.

These few reasons should convince you to pack your bags and plan a trip. And one energizing and fun activity that provides several benefits is sailing. Think about white sails billowing against a clear sky, the cool air, and the boat’s delicate movements as it cuts through the water. The good news is learning to sail shouldn’t take long with the right training course.

You’ll lower your stress levels. Sometimes, you have to take yourself out of your regular life to remember what it’s all for. Give yourself a chance to lower your stress and enjoy every single second of it, too. You deserve the very best – don’t ever forget that!

*Post contributed by Anna Emerson, a peer adventure lover with a severe case of wanderlust.*


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