The Best Family Caribbean Destinations You Should Visit This Holiday


Finally, the holiday season is just around the corner! If you’re like most families this year, you are ready to take some time away for vacation but probably unsure of the right place to spend the holidays– significantly since so much has changed. Well, why not change things up a bit? You and your family should consider exploring the Caribbean! Choosing the perfect Caribbean destination for the entire family can be relatively challenging as each destination has something unique and exciting to offer. To help you make the best decision, here are the best family Caribbean destinations worth visiting this year. 

The U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands holds enormous appeal for families who love to relax at beautiful white beaches with some exploration activities. With three islands to pick from, you can treat your entire family to the ultimate holiday experience with numerous activities. There are beautiful trails and coral beauties your little ones will love. There is also the Virgin Island National Park and the Coral World Ocean Park, where you can watch sea lions and swim with dolphins. 

Turks And Caicos

Nothing creates the perfect holiday experience than fun beaches, freshwater, good food, great people, and a generally good vibe. The network of islands of Turks And Caicos has it all, and even more! From the Gray Bay Beach in Provo to various sand sanctuaries, this location is a perfect escape. You can splash in the calm turquoise waters, relax in one of the several family-focused resorts, or enjoy the many natural pleasures this location has to offer. 

What’s more, Turks And Caicos have a low crime rate, so your safety is guaranteed. You can also check out The Family Vacation Guide’s list of the best Turks and Caicos resorts to plan your perfect trip experience. 


Aruba has been one of the most preferred travel destinations in the Caribbean for decades, and a trip to this location will tell you why. First of all, the beaches are nothing less than relaxing and therapeutic – the perfect place to cool down and swim after a rather topsy-turvy year. Your family can also enjoy a wide variety of animal attractions such as the Donkey Sanctuary, the Ostrich Farm, and the Butterfly Farm, to mention a few. Your little ones can also pick a little bit of history lesson about Aruba at the Archeological Museum of Aruba and the Aloe Factory And Museum. 

The Bahamas

Another popular Caribbean destination is The Bahamas, which remains one of the best locations for an exciting and relaxing family getaway. Here, your loved ones can enjoy a host of exciting activities, including surfing lessons and horseback riding. So, if your kids have ever dreamt of surfing, you know where to go. But that’s not all. The Bahamas boasts a string of 700 different islands, with options that will fit perfectly into any family budget size. There are huge water parks to experience, great food to enjoy, and comfy hotel and accommodation options to pick from. 

*Post contributed by travel writer and island hopper, Brian Thompson.*


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