Look Up Reminder from an Active Volcano



After living in Kauai for several years and Maui for over a year, one thing that was left on my Hawaii bucket list was witnessing an active volcano. The last time that Kilauea erupted was in 2018. That was the year, I spent a lot of time on cruise ships between South Florida and Cuba.

However, when I heard that Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii was erupting earlier this month, I jumped at the chance to get on a puddle-jumper plane and do a quick 36-hour adventure to Volcanoes National Park.

Mother Nature Forces Us to Look Up


Volcanoes are monuments to Earth’s origin. The volcanic eruptions remind us that our planet is ever-changing, with its basic processes beyond human control. From my first-hand experience, I can attest that you can only stand in awe before the power of a volcanic eruption.

As I saw the glow at night in contrast with the starry sky, it was humbling how beautiful something so dangerous and powerful can be. The sight certainly put me in the moment. I was not thinking about my new tasks at my new job.  Plus, the experience reminded me how fortunate I was to hop on a forty-minute flight to witness this YOLO event. It was Pele’s (Goddess of Fire in Hawaii) way to give a Look Up reminder. 

Look Up Mantra All the Time


As I wanted to take in the whole experience, I set an alarm for daybreak. Bundled in blankets, wearing multiple layers, and armed with my iPhone, I saw Kilauea with new eyes. The colors were warmer than at night. The sky looked like a painting of cotton candy.

I have to admit. Both night and dawn were epic scapes. Tell me. Which do you like better? I look forward to your comments.

Here’s to looking up from anywhere at any time!


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