What You Need to Take on a Rental Vacation

Vacation rentals are an excellent way to spend a summer holiday or a staycation. Whether it’s half board or full board you get the freedom to live in a cottage or lakeside cabin as you would back home. The great benefit of vacation rentals is the possibility of spending time in a new and interesting location but retaining your home comforts at the same time.

The trouble with this is that you can sometimes be disorganised. Most of us have had the experience of getting to a stunning vacation rental spot only to realize we have forgotten a charger for our phone or laptop, or some vital piece of equipment for making the trip enjoyable or successful. That’s one reason you need to be organized from the start, and know what you need to bring. 

One good way of organizing your trip at the start and ensuring everything you need is with you when you arrive, is to break down your items into categories. These categories might be General, Clothing, Gadgets, Kitchen, Bath, Sleep, Kids and Pets. In a notebook or planning app create these heading and start to list items that you think you will need.  

It’s important to start this process early. Don’t start making your list the night before you head off, that will almost certainly lead to forgetting some vital components of your trip. Begin your lists a few days or a few weeks in advance to give yourself enough time and opportunity to reflect on everything. You’ll be surprised by the items you forget and then remember to include.

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