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2020 has been challenging to say the least. Whether you look at the year from the perspective of healthcare, economy, education, commerce, or societal roles, all have needed Herculean efforts to surmount the countless obstacles. For many of us, one of the most disappointing of changes was canceled or postponed travels. If you are like me, the opportunity to travel to a new place or a familiar place in a different way is a way to continue your personal evolution and self-education.

Many of us are eager to get back out there exploring and hopping planes, trains, and automobiles. Slowly but surely, travel is safely opening up; however, everyone’s level of comfort to start to travel is different. You must factor in where you live, who you live with, and where you are traveling to, and how. If you are a travel lover or have one on your holiday gift list, I have come up with quite a few favorite gifts for wanderlusters that are travel-inspired.

Waypoint Goods’ Travel Scarf


For the traveler that packs light and doesn’t want to sacrifice a bit of fashion while on the road. This travel scarf with a hidden zipper pocket is a great gift idea. The scarves come in various colors and patterns.


I chose the Yellowstone National Park inspired scarf. For the photo, I only thought it would be fitting to be in a National Park; so, I opted for one close to me: Haleakala National Park in my home, Maui, Hawaii.

Travel-Inspired Candles


Some of the most vivid travel memories are associated with aromas and/or tastes. Just like that the smell of lavender or jasmine takes you back to picnics in France or tropical walks in Cuba. I found the selected of these travel-inspired candles to be great wanderluster gift ideas. The candles come in several destinations: Paris, Denver, and Havana. You can probably guess which one I have in my bedroom right now (Hint: I wrote a book about it!). I’m hoping to convince the owner of the company to create a Hawaii-inspired candle. I think it would a mixture of guava and ginger. To order your candles and a few more for gifts, click here.

The Perfect Travel Journal


I love to write about my travels. However, I also like to pack light. The typical size of journals is for perhaps a few months of writing. I have found a great, lightweight travel journal that is perfect for a 2-week adventure with writing prompts to even get more out of your writing. It fits nicely in the pocket of the travel scarf mentioned above as well.

A Good Read to Inspire Adventure


Whether your travel lover enjoys reading a print book, ebook, or listening to audiobooks, I have three great recommendations. Check out travelogue Cubicle to Cuba, non-fiction With New Eyes, and memoir When All Balls Drop.

Happy holiday shopping for you and your travel lovers!

As always here’s to looking up!


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