Hello from Fort Lauderdale


A month ago, I was returning from a work trip to Cuba. This was my third trip in the last six weeks. To say that the beginning of 2020 was a whirlwind for me professionally is an understatement. However, I never could have expected to see the world unfold as it has over the last couple of weeks.

Play by Play in Fort Lauderdale – Broward County


On Friday, the 13th of March, Broward County closed all public schools.

At the height of Spring Break and cruising season, Fort Lauderdale closed its beaches on March 16th.

First Coronavirus death in Broward County on March 17th.

Mobile, drive-thru testing site built in Broward on March 19th.

Monday, March 23rd, Florida governor DeSantis states that anyone flying from New York or New Jersey to Florida must self-isolate for two weeks.

Shelter in place ordered for Broward County on March 27th.

March 29th Florida governor orders for checkpoints for New Yorkers or others that are choosing to come to Florida to weather the storm

Currently, I’m on week two of sheltering in place with my father who just turned eighty-five last week. In fact, for such a milestone birthday, we were expecting family friends to come and celebrate, but we had to cancel. However, we did Plan B, which a virtual toast via Facetime.

Although we are allowed to go out for essentials, I prepared over the last few weeks in anticipation after viewing the news from China, Italy, Spain, and France. However, even last week, the grocery stores were out of paper products, milk, eggs, some meats, and bleach. Thank wine distributors for having my favorite Sauvignon Blanc in stock.

The numbers are continuing to rise in Broward County of those with the virus and deaths. We are also waiting for one of the last cruise ships to enter Port Everglades this week. Apparently, there are four people that are dead on than ship as well as over a hundred with influenza-like symptoms.

(**After posting the Governor ordered a stay-at-home for the entire state to begin Thursday, April 2nd.)

What am I grateful for?


My health and the health of my family and friends

The internet and phone tools that are keeping us connected

The ability to enjoy a bit of nature in my backyard

TV, Netflix, and Prime

Electricity, water, and gas (Hurricane Wilma taught me this.)

What am I looking forward to after all of this?


Traveling again to see my PIC (Partner In Crime), family, and friends

Going to my gym for a pilates and spin class

Having a BBQ with friends or getting together for a happy hour or dinner

Going to a concert and the beach

What I’m doing with this gifted time?


Writing blog posts like these: Pivotal Times Reminding Us to Look Up and Three Stay-at-home Adventures as well as revamping my screenplay (a mashup of all three of my books)

Learning Chinese via Duolingo – Ni hao all!

Digitizing all family photos

Cleaning out the garage, making my woman cave

Practicing my karate via dojo's online video

Running, biking, and using Orange Theory at home videos

Reading about future travels to Maui and Croatia

Doing Facetime and Zoom chats

Could this lead to Post-Traumatic Growth?


Most don’t know of this term but Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) is a positive change or growth that comes from adverse circumstances or loss. Many of us are familiar with famous examples of historic people like FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln, who turned tragic times into opportunities to springboard and grow. In fact, we love stories of PTG like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars or Harry Potter.

Perhaps you will come out of 2020 a better version of yourself. I'm setting my sights on leveling up. I’m certain many families, communities, and organizations will come out changed for the better. My hope is that the world comes out in its best version yet.

If you would like to share your thoughts or another Hello from post, please leave a comment.

Here’s to looking up!

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  1. What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for participating and sharing what is happening in your part of the world. I love how you end the post. I'm hoping for Post Traumatic Growth too. This situation has been so hard on so many levels that at times it is hard to focus on the positive and be grateful. Thanks for reminding us. Also you are so lucky you can be with your dad. My parents are in Tucson and I wish so bad I could be closer to help them out. Take care and keep writing! :)
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Thanks! Let's strive for PTG!
  2. Thank you for being part of the Hello From series! I really need to start working out during all of this both to get fit and to relieve stress. Stay safe Heidi!

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