Adventures No Travel Required – Coronavirus Quarantines and Cancelations



Are stay-at-home adventures possible?

Whether it is lack of time, financial difficulties, weather hiccups, or the most recent obstacle, the coronavirus quarantines and cancelations, people often ask me:

Can I have an adventure without traveling?

Can I embark on an adventure without leaving my own home?

YES! You CAN have an adventure without traveling far or without leaving your own home.

Adventure Defined

Focus_ImageBefore I unveil my top 3 adventures where no travel is required, let’s agree to this definition of adventure:

Ad-ven-ture /adˈven(t)SHər/: any new activity that is all-consuming that puts you in the zone. It can be physical, mental, emotional, and/or a combination of all three.

Benefits of Adventure


Not so fast, before I give you my tried and true adventures where no travel is required, you must also know the three benefits of adding adventure to your life. Watch this TEDx talk.

Now that you have the background on adventure and why you need to add adventure to your life frequently, you are ready for my top 3 adventures where no travel is required.

Top 3 Adventures No Travel Required

recipe-ingredientsTry a New Recipe

Following a recipe, measuring, dicing, chopping, and prepping all of the ingredients requires focus. It is difficult to do much else when you are making a new dish or flipping your first omelet; thus, you go into the zone.

A bonus: with this at-home adventure, you can include a cultural component to it by researching recipes that either take you back to favorite travels, your roots, or perhaps a wish list destination.

Here are some of my favorite recipes (aka souvenirs) from previous travels: Tortilla española from Spain and a healthy cocktail called canchánchara from Cuba.

books-galoreRead a good book

A good story can transport you to another place, time, or reality. Whether you fancy true stories, fictional tales, or thrillers, a good book, one that you can’t put down, puts you in the moment. When reading, you aren’t thinking about other things or your to-do list. That’s why many people use reading a book as a way to wind down from a long day before hitting the pillow.

If you are looking for a couple of good reads for your stay-at-home-adventure because of x, y, or z, here are three books that are true stories, full of inspiration, and humor.

vice-workbenchTackle a DIY project

Whether you are putting together IKEA furniture or hooking up a new TV/computer/appliance, you are 100% in the adventure. For a DIY (Do It Yourself) project, it will be new, uncharted territory. You will need to read instructions, watch YouTube tutorials, and concentrate. If you are like me, you will throw a couple of adult temper tantrums along the way. That’s natural and healthy. Once you are finished with the DIY, you will reap the benefits of adventure as well as add another feather to your cap.

Want to know why I believe that adventure is the secret sauce?

Do you have a favorite adventure where no travel is required?

It’s your turn. Please share in the comments how you add adventure to your life without leaving your home.

As always, here’s to looking up!



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