Look Up – It’s Snowing in Joshua Tree National Park


Snow_In_Joshua_Tree_National_Park_by_Heidi_SiefkasRecently on a cross-country road trip, along Route 66, I was yet again surprised by Mother Nature. After crossing portions of the Mojave Desert, I arrived at Joshua Tree National Park to snow. When one thinks of Joshua Tree, you think of the one-of-a-kind strange trees, piles of boulders, and desert landscape: dry and most likely hot. However, Mother Nature had a different scene in mind, forcing me to throw out my expectations and embrace the moment with over a foot of snow and below-freezing temperatures for my visit.

Heidi _Siefkas_Look_Up_mantra_in_the_snowThis adventure to Joshua Tree National Park was indeed a reminder to Look Up. When life serves you a hiccup, hurdles, or unexpected Plan B, C, or D, you have the choice to shift your perspective and Look Up:

  1. Be in the moment, appreciating the beauties around you as well as hazards.
  2. Find the upside as every situation, hurdles, or wound turns into wisdom.

Heidi_Siefkas_snowman_joshua_tree_national_parkSo, I found the upside. It had been since 2010 that Joshua Tree National Park had seen snow. It was a good omen for changes and surprises ahead in this next decade. Also, when life gives you snow, make a snowman.

Here’s to looking up from wherever you are, regardless of the weather!


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