Take the Plunge and Look Up


Look Up Reminder

Every month on the 27th, I write a reminder about the mantra Look Up. I do this in part because we all forget to Look Up. Yes, I, too, am a culprit of this.

Look Up sounds easy with two simple components: 1) Be in the moment and 2) Find the upside. However, when we are busy juggling schedules, dealing with hiccups, and/or just trying to make it through the day, taking a minute to check in falls by the wayside.

I know you’ve been there. I have too! That’s why I go as far as to have a calendar reminder each day at noon to Look Up. You may want to do the same. It may be another time that works for you, but the end result is a shift in perspective.

Look Up Sunrise

Recently I was in Iceland where I captured the lead photograph. It was taken on Mount Esja at sunrise. Along my two weeks, there were so many moments that stopped me in my tracks in the Land of Fire and Ice. Iceland is beautiful, but also very challenging terrain and climate. You can check out my video recap here.

With these conditions, Icelanders decided that a soak makes everything better; thus, the Icelandic tradition of sundlaugs (public pools) was born. Icelanders have tapped into the geothermal energy of the land and use it to heat the pools, Jacuzzis (hot pots), and sauna. After many of my hikes, I needed a respite from the cold, wind, and rain, I went straight for the hottest hot pot (42-45 degrees C – 107-113 degrees F). Ahhhhh….

When in Iceland….

When in Iceland, do what the Icelanders do, which is to go from the hot pot to the cold bath. Most of the men and women submerged themselves in the cold bath (3-5 degrees C – 37-41 degrees F) more than once. It appeared as if the secret was three times. I took the challenge as I took the plunge into the cold bath. No more than in a matter of seconds, I couldn’t feel my hands or feet. I screamed in agony, jumping right out of the bath and into the hottest hot pot. This was a throwback to my elementary school days when I would place my hands in a snow bank during recess and then wash my hands inside with hot water. Yes, in both Iceland and my rural Wisconsin elementary school, my extremities were burning. Wowza!



Take the Plunge and Look Up

This small adventure at the sundlaug in Iceland certainly put me in the moment. I have found this to be the case with any new activity that is all consuming. These adventures put you in the zone, allowing you to look at your world differently. So in essence, by adding adventures like a polar plunge to your life is like a dose of Look Up. Imagine what you could do by adding the two together.

I challenge you to add adventure and Look Up to your world.

I look forward to hearing about your takeaways.

As always, here’s to looking up!


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