Adventures in Iceland

Earlier this fall, I set off on an adventure to the Land of Fire and Ice. The reason for the two-week adventure to Iceland was two-fold:

  1. To get out of the norm, allowing myself to step back from routine and check-in with me - See benefits of adventure!
  2. To celebrate my eighth anniversary of my run-in with a half-ton tree limb - Happy Look Up Day in Iceland!

Let this quick video awe you with Iceland's beauty, make you laugh at some of my antics, and inspire your next adventure!

I'd love to get your feedback on Adventures in Iceland. Please comment below with your questions, personal experiences in Iceland, or whatever floats your boat.

As always, here's to looking up!


6 Responses

  1. Eric Mendelsohn
    Great pictures. Looks like you had a very enjoyable trip. We were there for about eleven days two years ago. Great scenery. The soups, breads and seafood were excellent, probably some of the best in the world. Lots of ponies. Did you experience the Viking sushi? Most people with us did not like it as much as we did. This left a lot more for us.
  2. David
    Heidi, Enjoyed the adventures in Iceland 9video.Just from flying in and out of Reykjavik and seeing the topography made me want to return for a longer visit. Your video only makes me wish for it sooner than later. It's on the bucket list! David
  3. Wow! The landscapes look absolutely surreal. The waterfall especially looks so impressive. Iceland is definitely on my list of places to get to soon, and your video is making me want to go even more!
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Iceland should be on your short list for next adventures. Really Mother Nature surprised me around each corner.
  4. We are going there in April and my son is 5 years old. What are your top 3 things to see/do with him please? The scenery looks amazing. I can't wait.
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Top 3 - 1) Drive as much of the Ring Road as you can. If you have limited time do the Golden Road close to capital. 2) Soak in a thermal spa love the Myvatn in the North but also plenty in Southern area as well. Public pools are called sunlaugs and very affordable + perfect for children 3) Chase waterfalls

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