Author of Cubicle to Cuba Shares Her Travel Expertise

Q&A with Author and Adventurer Heidi Siefkas

Why should someone travel to Cuba?

Heidi: Above all the people, but also the explosion of colors and contrasts. There is art around every corner. Read my blog post about why here

Why did you write Cubicle to Cuba?

Heidi: First and foremost, I wrote Cubicle to Cuba to teach readers about Cuba. However, I hope it also inspires readers to travel more, think out of the cubicle, and live a life full of adventure.

Could you get us a sneak peek of your favorite places and activities in Cuba?

Heidi: Sure, I think this video does the trick!

If you want more than a sneak peek as well as a great beach read....

Get a copy of Cubicle to Cuba and take a joy ride around the once forbidden island!

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