Instead of Resolutions a 2017 Adventure List


Heidi_Siefkas_shares_Cubicle_to_CubaHappy New Year adventurers!

ZOMG! I started the year off with a bang. Yes, on a page turning day in Cuban history and my own personal story, on New Year’s, I launched my latest book, Cubicle to Cuba. In it, I share some awesome adventures and of course some real doozies that all started because of a New Year’s resolution in Havana.

This year, I’ve decided not to make a list of resolutions as in the past. As I prefer to look at life goals in another perspective. I call all of these small to big, audacious accomplishments that take our lives to the next level adventures. So, this year I’m making an adventure list.

Wanna know what I have up my sleeve?

  • Take a hiatus from writing books. I’ll be focusing more of my attention on sharing my stories through speaking, events, and articles. Perhaps our paths will cross, check out my line-up.
  • Spend more time with my clan, especially my biggest fan and PIC (Partner In Crime) Brian in Kauai, my mom outside of Boston, and my besties in the Midwest, Arizona, and Florida.
  • Add another feather in my cap. You may not know that I have been a wedding singer as well as reader. However, I never thought that I would introduce myself as Heidi Siefkas, author, speaker, adventurer, and wedding officiant. Dearly beloved it will certainly be an adventure! More to come.
  • Share my love of Cuba and inspire others to travel more by leading exclusive 5-day tours to Cuba: Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Havana. The first tour will be in late Spring with additional tours in the Fall. If you are interested in coming on an adventure with me to Cuba, sign up for more info.

I know I’m not the only one that has adventures up her sleeve.

What’s on your 2017 adventure list?

Share with me via email or comment on the blog post to find other adventurers that may be able to help you or even join you on your 2017 adventures.

Here’s to looking up!


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