Inspirational Speaker in My DNA

After one of my inspirational keynotes recently, a woman from the audience came up to me and asked, how did I perfect my craft as an inspirational speaker? I told her that public speaking was part of my DNA. Not convinced, that I became one of the best female motivational speakers with good genes alone, I shared with her my background story.


As a child, both of my parents worked. On my summer breaks from school, I wasn’t packed up for camp or sent to the babysitter’s, but went to the university where my father was a speech and theatre professor. Over his nearly forty+ years of teaching, I believe I spent at least six summers in his classroom observing speeches to inform, entertain, and persuade.

Through listening to some outstanding speeches that convinced me to study abroad in Spain to a large amount of miserable presentations about drunken debacles or experimentation with pot, I started the foundation for my future role as a female motivational speaker. What was passed to me through chromosomes was only complemented by multiple years of summer school with dad.

Now, thirty years later, I no longer spend my summers in a speech class, but will typically — whether in Florida, Kauai, Alaska, or Cuba — be found writing a book. Over the last few summers, I have written and published three non-fiction books. These books, just like my immersion early in my life, provide aid in my career as one of the most unique and entertaining female inspirational speakers.


After hearing me out, the woman agreed that my answer was spot on. She asked if my father still taught summer school. Unfortunately for her, but fortunate for my father, he has hung up his full-time professor hat preferring his new role as a South Florida beach bum. Just as he passed genes to me, he also passed the baton to me to take the stage for perhaps the next forty+ years.

With topics ranging from overcoming obstacles and architecting a new life to living adventurously and tapping into the power of perspective, I look forward to having you in one of my audiences.

See me in action and book me as your next inspirational speaker.

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Here’s to looking up!


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