Get Your Summer Listening On – Win My Audio Book Contest

Hey there adventurers!

Let me just take a moment to let out a WOOHOO! It’s summmmmmmer!

I know summer probably started for you like weeks ago with Memorial Day or when school let out.

However, for me, it starts today. Since February, I’ve been on an intense tour across the globe to fabulous destinations Cuba, Spain, Morocco, and Portugal generating great stories. With all that adventure, there has not with much time to write, nor read or listen to my favorite authors.

Now in full-blown summer mode, I’m heading to Kauai to write my third book, Cubicle to Cuba, and catch up on my reading and listening list.

  • My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem (audio)
  • The Other Side of Paradise (ebook)
  • Too Much Tuscan Sun (ebook)
  • The Sunlit Night (print)

Now, I have a summer surprise for you!

What I didn’t tell you was that earlier this year, I took it upon myself to go on another adventure that didn’t involve travel. After hearing that others, like me, don’t have time to read, I went all in. Yes, indeed, I went into the studio and narrated my two books. Both When All Balls Drop and With New Eyes are now in audio.

I want you to join me and get your summer listening on.

To kick off this summer, I’m hosting a FUN, audio book contest.

So how do you enter to win?

To be the lucky adventurer that wins one of my audio books, you must show your creative side and get social. I have a photo that needs a creative caption.



Now don’t be greedy!

**You may submit your caption only once on my Facebook page.**

My selection of the winners will be based on the level of creativity and relevance of the caption combined with the most shares and likes. You must LIKE my page to win.

Sounds FUN and fair no?

I will announce winners on Look Up Day, 6/27/16.

Can’t wait that long? Go ahead and get copies of my audio books now on Audible and iTunes


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