A Conversation in Cuba I Will Never Forget

After umpteen visits to Cuba, the country and its people continue to amaze me. Many will argue that Cuban perseverance, sense of community, and ingenuity are its biggest strengths, but I think Cuba’s approach to happiness is paramount and my greatest takeaway from Cuba. That is why I wanted to share this unforgettable conversation about a rooster.

Jose Fuster and Heidi Siefkas – Jamainitas, Cuba

On July 26, 2013, I had the opportunity to speak to Jose Fuster, a world-renowned Cuban artist at his home outside of Havana. Sitting beside him at the pool, I asked, “What’s the rooster all about? It appears in all of your work as if it’s your signature.”

As he dangled his feet in the water and enjoyed a Crystal beer, Fuster explained to me that he cherishes the sound of the gallo. When he hears the morning crowing of a rooster, he is blessed with yet another day.

When I heard his spin on what most would call a loud, shrilling cry of a rooster, I reflected on how truly right he is. Celebrating life each and every day and taking the time to #LookUp is something extremely crucial to a happy life that often times falls by the wayside in the time-pressed, daily grind.

Rooster collage from Fusterlandia, Cuba

This unforgettable conversation I had before I moved to Kauai, which you may know has an overpopulation of roosters. AND, I’m serious when I tell you, there are roosters everywhere on the Garden Isle: at Wal-mart, the beach, and even outside the RMV. So, when the neighborhood roosters (a.k.a. island alarm clocks) crow at 3 am, I remember to enjoy each cock-a-doodle-doo.

Have you had a serendipitous and unforgettable conversation on your adventures?

Share yours by commenting below! 

Here’s to looking up and never hearing a cock-a-doodle-doo the same again!


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