The Adventures of Architecting a New Life, Life 2.0

Heidi_Siefkas_Torres_Del_Paine_WalkaboutDid I get you with adventure, Life 2.0, or both?

Whichever the case, you landed in the right place.

I’ll start by explaining Life 2.0 because I imagine you are on a Smartphone or laptop right now as you read this. Just like the software or app updates you receive on your tech devices, life serves us updates as well. Coincidentally, it is timed about the same. You receive app updates and life’s little curveballs, right when you least expect it, in the middle of an important project, or ______________ (insert another awkward moment).

Speaking of curveballs, I can’t assume that you know my back story, but let me just tell you I have an adventurous story that even Hollywood couldn’t make up. Although it has action, betrayal, and financial ruin, typically the executive producers want you to stay through a two-hour movie, not leave after fifteen minutes. Yep, you got that right! My curveball turned into curveballs, which happened simultaneously. You know that saying about bad things come in threes? Well, life threw me three wicked curveballs nearly six years ago. I lost all that I held dear: health, marriage, and career in one fell swop of a thousand pound tree limb. Yep, how do you like them apples?

I didn’t like those apples at all. I certainly thought I had been at the wrong place at the worse moment. The life that I was juggling previously with a successful career, happy marriage, home ownership, and healthy lifestyle came to a screeching halt for nearly nine months. I was host to many a pity party as well as the lead character in adult temper tantrums. Seriously, I should have been nominated for an Oscar, but I’m sure some of you can relate and even give me a run for my money on those rants, pity parties, and moments of living close to insanity’s ledge while you go through things like divorce, health issues, and job loss.

So what my story and first book, When All Balls Drop, highlight is that life, indeed, serves us all updates. Sometimes they are huge, but others just little updates. These more subtle ones we tend to ignore just like the updates on our tech devices. However, just like the Smartphones and laptops, after awhile of ignoring updates, the apps and software start to malfunction. The bugs and glitches become more apparent. This is true in our lives as well.

I took my freak accident and had two options: to rebuild the existing life or to architect a new life. As you can see, I chose the later. My life 2.0 is a more streamlined, truer, and happier version than I could have ever imagined. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get there without countless mishaps, bold decisions, and many adventures. In figuring out what my Life 2.0 would be, I dated a bench full of Mr. Wrongs, got fired, and then decided to just go to South American on a solo walkabout (see both images). All of those events and people provided a good dose of perspective whether who not to date or what I needed more of, in particular adventure.

Heidi Siefkas in Torres del Paine National Park Patagonia, Chile

Over the course of the past years, I have consciously made the decision to keep adventure as a part of my Life 2.0 in order to check-in on my path and enhance it, just like a frequent life update. My adventures have been physical, mental, and emotional. The important thing that is common amongst them all is that they are all-consuming, new, and perhaps a bit frightening. Executing upon the plan in spite of the fear makes it an adventure. Learning a new sport like standup paddleboarding or singing karoke can be an adventure. So is writing a book or screenplay. They don’t have to be just adventure junkie activities. Renting a car in an unfamiliar city is an adventure. Heck! I think driving in South Florida is an adventure. Yikes! The road rage is even bilingual! Carajo! Pendejo!

If you get what I’m putting down here. I challenge you to embark on your Life 2.0 and share with me, what’s your next adventure?

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