Adventures of 2016 – Cuba, Audio Books, Retreats, and more

Author_and_Adventurer_Heidi_Siefkas_In_Old_HavanaIf you didn’t know, I’m all about adventure.

Yes, some would call it my middle name.

Heck, I call it my meditation.

That’s why I encourage others to head for adventure by asking,

“What’s your next adventure?”

So I’m going to let the cat of the bag and share with you what’s on my adventure list this year. I have six major adventures, some travel related while others are professional challenging.

I bet you can guess with the lead picture where I’m off to next!

1) Returning to Cuba in February, April, May, and June

Si, vuelvo a Cuba (Yes, I return to Cuba). This will be my umpteenth time to Cuba. Yes, I have been adventuring in Cuba for since 2013. And, I can’t wait to see it again, of course, with new eyes. I’m eager to see my friends as well as what has changed since my last trip in early 2015. If you want to learn more about Cuba, I’ll be sending out an email with my spin on Cuba in 2015. Sign up. (Yes, I’ve ridden in an old convertible. And, the Cuban rum is that good.)

2) Releasing my first audio book – When All Balls Drop Audio Book

Yeppers, now you can listen to me tell my story while you are adventuring yourself around the world or just passing the time on your daily commute. I recorded it in a Kauai studio over the holidays. Get a free excerpt by signing up here. You can find the full audio version on Audible or iTunes. My second audio book is in the works.

3) Heading to Antigua for “Manifest the Life of your Dreams” with peer authors Wendy Cottiers and Meg Nocero.

“Manifest the Life of your Dreams” is May 20-27th at the St. James’s Club. I will be sharing my inspirational story as well as adventuring throughout the island on Saturday, May 21st. Join us for FUN events, speakers, and adventures this May.

Author and Adventurer Heidi Siefkas in Trinidad, Cuba

4) Writing my third book, Cubicle to Cuba

In it, I share my transition from the corporate world to traveling to the forbidden island, Cuba, and beyond. There are many good times and good stories from my adventures in Peru, Kauai, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Australia, and more. I’m aiming for a release in early 2017.


5) Giving you the opportunity to see more of my adventures in real-time via SnapChat

It’s an adventure playing with a new technology like SnapChat. Check my snaps out. My handle is HeidiSiefkas.

Until you stop by again,

Here’s to looking up!


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