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Over the last two years promoting my two memoirs, I have heard from many at my events,

“I don’t have time to read. I would like to.”

“When the kids go to college, I will read.”

“I have a hard time getting a moment to myself.”

“Do you have an audio version?”

I’m not that different from any of those people. I’m busy and time-starved too. So, I tried it out on my last flight from Florida to Kauai. Yes, that’s right, I took off the training wheels and purchased my first audio book! Then, I listened to another on my long flight to New Zealand over my birthday.

What was my verdict?

Although audio books will never replace a good book in my hands, I really enjoyed both, especially when narrated by the author. I could see how audio versions of my books would inspire others while traveling, on their way to work, or exercising at the gym.

BIG Goal for 2016

For 2016, I have made a big audacious goal to release my debut inspirational memoir, When All Balls Drop, in an audio version. And viola, I haven’t let the grass grow this year. Earlier this month, I recorded the book in Lihue, Kauai at Bandwagon Studios. It took multiple days and countless takes, but it was very fun all the same. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Heidi recording audio version of When All Balls Drop

If you would like to get a pre-release, free excerpt of When All Balls Drop audio book, sign up here.

If you know someone who would enjoy a true story to inspire him/her to overcome life’s obstacles, but perhaps wouldn’t purchase it for himself/herself, please contact me and enter his/her details.

I will be offering a dozen scholarship copies of When All Balls Drop audio book and shipping them out after its release.

I look forward to getting your feedback of this version, written and narrated by me.

Remember the best way to support me is to write your feedback on Amazon and other online booksellers and share with yoru friends as gifts or on social media.

Here’s to looking up!



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