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Last week, with a little spare time (18 hours) on a flight from Kauai to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I dove into my to-read list. Having spent much of the last month listening to audio books in preparation of releasing my own audio version of When All Balls Drop (late January 2016), my to-read pile of print books stood at a standstill. However, my very long, five-thousand-mile flight was an opportunity. I could finish an audio book and fit at least two books in my carry-on. How was I to weed through the almost dozen books to find the right two? With the opportunity to take a class with Ellen Latham, the author of PUSH, as well as get my copy signed upon arriving in Florida, tipped or better said pushed the scales in her favor.

Wanna know what I thought about PUSH?

PUSH is an easy-to-read, powerful story of how Ellen Latham's approach to working out can 'PUSH' you through life's uncomfortable moments to an even better version of you. Much of the book chronicles the development of Orangetheory Fitness through extensive research and years of teaching everything from aerobics to pilates and spin. However, this is bigger than a fitness and exercise book. 'PUSH' is about total health. I especially like that she shares her personal anecdotes of overcoming obstacles. She is a living example that by taking risks and challenging yourself you can reach better health, relationships, and career. Here's to going all out! - see full review on Amazon

For those that have read my books, When All Balls Drop and With New Eyes, you know that I'm a strong believer in the power of our thoughts and perspective. I can attest that what Ellen describes in PUSH as changing your channel is one of the most crucial  life tools we have. Every person, yes that includes YOU, has the ability to change that channel, turning a can't into a CAN. Likewise, I share the powerful  mantra #LookUp in both of my books, which helps us all be mindful and transform a perhaps negative circumstance into an opportunity. In regards to taking risks and challenging yourself, I also agree with Ellen. I wrote in With New Eyes that, "Adventure is my mediation." By being in the moment and one-track focused on the challenge at hand, whether an intense all out on a treadmill at Orangetheory Fitness or trying to drive in Athens with a map all in Greek, adventure allows you to gain perspective and change your channel. I look forward to your next adventure. Bravo Ellen!

Here's to looking up!

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