Look Up = Enjoy Life. This is Not a Dress Rehearsal

As 2015 ends and a New Year begins, there is a great opportunity to reflect on your past year and chart your course for 2016.

For those of you that have read my books, attended my events, or know me personally, you already know that I carry a powerful tool with me, which has helped me and others through thick, thin, and just every day frustrations. This two-word tool allows us all to tap into perspective quickly without needing to find the “perfect” meditation chamber when you really need to shift your mental channel and pronto. This tool is #LookUp. I share these two wise words and mantra with you, readers of my books, and the world.

#LookUp is to remind us all to:
1) Be in the moment, appreciating the beauty around us as well as the hazards. In essence, be mindful.
2) Positively spin each situation. There are NO wasted experiences. Every hiccup, wound, or hurdle turns to wisdom.

OR as the fortune cookie above says quite well, “Enjoy life. This is Not a Dress rehearsal.”

I invite you to make big, audacious goals for 2016. Above all, I hope that all of them incorporate #LookUp and enjoying life.

Here’s to looking up!


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