Reader Review of When All Balls Drop – Very Inspirational Little Gem

Sometimes authors call their books, their babies. I don’t feel that When All Balls Drop is my baby, but it certainly has been one of my biggest accomplishments to date. So what should I call this book: a feather in my cap, accolade, dream come true, or other. It came to me when I read this reader review and smiled. She called it a, “little gem.” Yes, I agree with her, SouthernSoul. When All Balls Drop is a little gem of wisdom as well as only a small part of the treasure of stories that are yet to come out of me.

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Very Inspirational Little Gem – “I was fortunate to meet Heidi on a trip & received a copy of her book. I started reading this little gem on the plane home. Heidi’s story is inspirational to me. For anyone who has experienced significant loss, in whatever way that may be defined, this book offers an example of hope, laughter, determination, and the will to overcome big challenges. Kudos to Heidi for turning surviving into thriving!”– Southernsoul  Read full review

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** The sequel, With New Eyes, will be released this September. Learn more and get a VIP pre-release excerpt by signing up here. Plus, When All Balls Drop is transitioning to film. Stay tuned for updates on its release.


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