What Readers Are Saying About When All Balls Drop – Raw Emotions and Inspirational

What are readers saying about When All Balls Drop, the debut title from Heidi Siefkas?

Raw Emotions and Inspirational – “When All Balls Drop is an inspirational memoir filled with real raw emotions that you can feel yourself when you read it. The way it is written steps you into her life. It becomes something you know, feel and can relate to. I certainly felt her hardships, her moments of freedom and so forth.”

“It is a key point for us all to live in gratitude, respect each other and the significance of self-care. Congrats on the book Heidi! I am looking forward to the release of the movie! I am also thrilled we carry this book at our Truly You store! A must read!.” – Diana Read full review

Remember the film version is just around the corner.Purchase a copy for yourself, a friend, family member, and/or co-worker, here. You want to read it before the movie comes out.

If you have already read it….What is your review of When All Balls Drop?

Please submit your reviews to AmazonGoodreads, and Barnes & Noble. It will take thousands to spread the powerful message of When All Balls Drop to the masses.


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