How to Foster Life Change with One Simple Tool

Are you at a crossroads?

Do you have too much on your plate? 

Are you in need of a life change?

That’s where I found myself five years ago. In Poughkeepsie, New York on a seemingly normal day I took out the trash. I awoke five days later in the ICU with a broken neck, brain swelling, and numerous smaller fractures. I had been struck by a thousand pound tree limb as I was walking to the dumpster. The ripple effect of that tree was a total life change.

Along my nine-month recovery, I found a tool that helped me triumph. I had always carried the tool with me, but I had been too busy to tap into its power. I call this tool, looking up, which stems from the power of perspective. Looking up has two major components to coincide with the double entendre of this mantra. The first is to be mindful and aware of your surroundings. In essence, be more in the moment. The second component is to spin each situation positively. Although many situations, including my tragedy, may appear negative at first they are lessons or perhaps a needed detour in your life’s path.

You can foster your life change with perspective. Implement doses of perspective into your life to evaluate where you are and your path. Make it your priority. Don’t wait until you’re forced to change because of a broken neck or other health scare, you can redesign your life now.

Here’s to looking up!

To read more about my journey of recovery grab a copy my inspirational memoir, When All Balls Drop. You’ll want to read it before the film is released (early 2016).

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