Just Read Review of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

As an author, everyone wants to know, “What do you read?”

To be quite honest over the last six months, I have read very little. I have been promoting my own memoir, When All Balls Drop, and writing the sequel With New Eyes (due out this Sept 2015). However, over my flights from Kauai to Florida and Cuba for events, work, and family, I have had some time to put a few more titles under my belt. My latest read was a popular, non-fiction, self-help entitled, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

Read my review of Gretchen’s book below:

Through Gretchen’s year-long process, she showcases her learning, which is aligned with the common theme that we see across religions, philosophies, as well as catastrophic memoirs like When All Balls Drop and Brain on Fire. This theme is the wise advice to live fully and thankfully in the present.

I can attest that there is something to be said about mindfulness and happiness. I believe it is our greatest power, to shift our perspective to happiness.

I admit, I did skim through some parts that I didn’t connect with such as the trivial tasks of de-cluttering or organizing a closet. However, it just goes to show that happiness is unique and ever-changing to each of us.

Gretchen’s way of creating happiness is something that we all can consciously do, whether via her workbook, blog, or other. With this reminder, get on with it. Create your happiness!

Thank you Gretchen. I look forward to your latest book, Better than Before.

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Don’t forget to get your copy of my memoir, When All Balls Drop, before the movie comes out (early 2016).

Here’s to looking up!



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