What Are Book Bloggers Saying About When All Balls Drop


What Are Book Bloggers Saying About When All Balls Drop?

Read Sage Adderly’s Book Review of When All Balls Drop below:

It feels a bit twisted to say how much you loved a memoir written by a woman who shares her tragic story of breaking her neck and ending her marriage, but it was truly an inspirational story. Heidi Siefkas writes about a gigantic tree limb that fell on her head resulting in a broken neck and facial injuries. Prior to the accident she had come across evidence of her husband cheating on her for over a year.

This memoir is about Heidi’s recovery in all the ways you can imagine – physical, mental, and spiritual (in a non-religious, eye-opening way.) She calls her dear friends her “clan” which I adore and her sense of humor does not fail her throughout the intense healing journey. I felt all the feels while reading this and love that the phrase, “Here’s to looking up!” now holds a brand new meaning for me.

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