Heidi Asks for Five Favors

Since the release of When All Balls Drop, many have asked me, HOW CAN I HELP YOU PROMOTE YOUR MEMOIR?

Never was this more apparent than at yesterday’s 5th Anniversary Look Up Day Party in Fort Lauderdale (picture below).

Here’s is my answer.


1) Purchase When All Balls Drop either on Amazon or your favorite online book seller.

2) Take a picture of where you are enjoying my memoir. Send it to me as others have from Russia, NYC, Wisconsin, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale.

3) Write a review of When All Balls Drop on Amazon, Goodreads, and BN.Look_Up_Day_Party_with_Author_Heidi_Siefkas

4) Attend one of my events in FL, WI, Italy, Boston, or Kauai AND bring a friend.

5) Contact your local library and ask them to carry my book. You will need these details:

Title: When All Balls Drop | Author: Heidi Siefkas
Publisher: Wheatmark | ISBN-13: 9781627871211

**It will take thousands of inspired readers to spread the powerful message of When All Balls Drop. Your support in promoting the book through social media, pictures, reviews, and giving it as a gift will be paramount.**

Cheers to all involved in making When All Balls Drop a success!

Here’s to looking up!


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