When All Balls Drop Started 5 Years Ago


On a seemingly normal fall day, 5 years ago, in New York’s Hudson River Valley, a nearly 1,000 pound tree limb struck me, breaking my neck and leaving me unconscious for days.

Over my multi-month recovery in New York and Massachusetts, I dealt with not only the traumatic accident, but also that my husband was living a double-life and my employer forced me to resign.Heidi_Siefkas_and_the_Tree_Poughkeepsie_New_YorkThe instant when this tree in the picture clobbered me and all that ensued, I call my When All Balls Drop moment. My juggling of career, marriage, and healthy lifestyle was forced to stop. It was through this reflection period that I found there was an upside to losing everything. I started by calling the 27th of every month Look Up Day, but it has morphed into a mantra that I call Looking Up!

In Honor of the 5th Anniversary, I Ask You to Do Me These 5 Favors…

1) Purchase When All Balls Drop either on Amazon or your favorite online book seller.

2) Take a picture of where you are enjoying my memoir. Send it to me as others have from Russia, NYC, Wisconsin, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale.

3) Write a review of When All Balls Drop on Amazon, Goodreads, and BN.

4) Attend one of my events in FL, WI, Italy, Boston, or Kauai.

5) Contact your local library and ask them to carry my book. You will need these details:

Title: When All Balls Drop | Author: Heidi Siefkas
Publisher: Wheatmark | ISBN-13: 9781627871211
Thanks for celebrating the 5th anniversary and Look Up Day with me!

Here’s to looking up!


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