Where When All Balls Drop Started

Nearly five years ago, I was visiting New York’s Hudson River Valley. It was a seemingly normal fall Sunday afternoon. The colors were changing and air brisk. And then life as I knew it stopped. In an instant, I was struck by a nearly thousand pound tree limb, breaking my neck and leaving me unconscious.

I didn’t walk away from the freak accident, but I did get to the hospital in time to stabilize me, monitor my brain swelling, and eventually have neurosurgery for my fractured C-7 vertebrae. I was fortunate.

Here’s the tree that started When All Ball Drop.


But that’s only one part of my story. Almost simultaneously, I was hit with other hardships such as a husband living a double life and my employer forcing me to resign from my position, taking away my professional identity.

Over a lengthy recovery far away from South Florida, which was home at the time, I had a forced pause to reflect on my life’s path. I was on the wrong path. I was juggling so many balls, I hadn’t noticed.

I fought to build myself back piece by piece. As a result, I redesigned the life I wanted, having it all: health, love, and career, but on my terms not society’s.

At first, I thought that I had been at the wrong place at the wrong time when I was taken out by that tree, but actually I was at the right place at the right time.

I wrote When All Balls Drop: The Upside to Losing Everything to share my story with others in need of a life change or those going through a hardship such as a health scare, bad relationship, or career loss. I dedicate the book to women who want it all: love, health, and career. May you be happy, confident, and living your dreams in spite of whatever gets in your way.

If you haven’t already purchased a copy of When All Balls Drop, you can get my book at Amazon or your favorite online book seller; however, I also have placement in various bookstores around the country.

When_All_Balls_Drop_in_oblong_books_rhinebeck_new_yorkIn fact, if you live in Hudson River Valley or are visiting the area for the fall color change, please visit Oblong Books & Music Rhinebeck. It’s a quaint village with only one stoplight, which is the setting for a very important vignette in my book, “Calling the Cops on My Birthday.”

As the take-away of the book and my typical send-off,

Here’s to looking up!

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