When All Balls Drop Spotted in NYC – Where You Are Reading It?

FYI: A couple of advanced copies of When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything have been spotted pre-release, this September. It isn’t a surprise that a New York City bookworm sent in these photos as the book begins in New York’s Hudson River Valley.

Most New Yorkers would recognize the leading image of famous Book Row on 4th Ave in Manhattan. For the non-New Yorkers, you can all recognize the beautiful skyline highlighted below. Who doesn’t love NYC?

With this post, I request that you send your pictures of where you’re reading the book, either print or ebook, and your favorite vignette. I will include excerpts or readings from those vignettes along with your picture. Click here to get your copy of When All Balls Drop pre-release.

Here’s to looking up!

When All Balls Drop Overlooking New York City Skyline – Favorite Vignette of Reader Wedding Song on Divorce Eve




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