Look at What the Storms Blew In – When All Balls Drop in Print

Having left South Florida to return to my home in Kauai earlier this week, I thought I had escaped hurricane season. However, it seems not to be the case with a double whammy of hurricanes heading this way, Iselle and Julio. After battling the crowds at Costco, the store on Kauai, I believe we are ready with water, extra batteries, canned food (yes spam), headlamps, and of course hurricane party supplies (libations).

How could a homecoming get any better?

Author Heidi Siefkas and her inspirational memoir, When All Balls Drop, Kauai

Late yesterday afternoon, off the winds of both Iselle and Julio, this long awaited package arrived to my doorstep. After carefully opening, I examined the cover, feeling its glossy finish beneath my fingertips. My dream has finally come to fruition. My story of tragedy and triumph is off my computer screen and into my hands.

When All Balls Drop is complete and ready for its launch (9/2/14) to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the accident that sparked my life-change.

This calls for a celebration.

Thank you Iselle and Julio for blowing my book to my doorstep.

I’ll have some good reading for this rainy and windy weekend ahead.

Here’s to looking up!

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