Inspiration to Walkabout to Australia

Having returned from an adventure filled walkabout to Australia, I wanted to highlight the character from my memoir When All Balls Drop – The Upside of Losing Everything that spurred my many healing travels nearly five years ago.  Thank you Patrice!

Originally from Chicago, Patrice was not only well-traveled, lively, and kind, but also had the best sense of humor. Being the wise woman that she was with a couple of tremendous relationship and health hurdles behind her, Patrice knew what I would need to get through my full-blown life catastrophe.

Patrice prescribed humor for getting through the boredom and general depression while recovering from a broken neck and neurosurgery in Massachusetts and New York, exchanging war stories over wine for my heartbreak, and visiting her home filled with artwork and photos from past travels for the inspiration to travel again.

Although I had many people, my clan, to thank for helping me triumph from my mess in 2009, I wanted to share (aka brag) about my past trip to Australia in pictures.

Heidi Siefkas in Tasmania – Australian Walkabout


Heidi Siefkas at the Great Barrier Reef Australia


Heidi Siefkas at Uluru (Ayers Rock) the Northern Territory Australia

This past trip to Australia just like each and every trip I take, I tasted unique flavors (Vegimite spread is not so good, but Barossa wine is outstanding!), learned about other people (the Aborigines view the land as a pharmacy, hardware store, and grocery store combined. What wisdom!), but also, I learned more about myself just as I did in writing When All Balls Drop – The Upside of Losing Everything.

This fall, it will be released. When All Balls Drop – The Upside of Losing Everything follows my journey from being a thirty-something, married, globetrotting professional who seemingly had it all to my life-changing accident in New York’s Hudson River Valley. Instantly, my hectic juggling act of a successful career, marriage, and life stopped. Through losing all that mattered: my health, love, and career, I gained clarity and redefined having it all. When All Balls Drop sheds light on how to look up in spite of pain, deceit, and loss in easy-to-read, sassy vignettes.

I look forward to sharing my learnings from my life-changing accident and recovery with you.

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Here’s to looking up!


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