Look Up Day – Have You Had a Look Up Moment?

Happy Look Up Day everyone!

For some of you, this is a new concept. However, there are many who have been celebrating Look Up day for years. For those new to Look Up Day, welcome.

Look Up Day is celebrated every 27th of the month to remind you to:

1) Be aware of your surroundings

(ex. Take the time to watch for beauty – Be aware of hazards)

2) Positively spin each situation

(ex. Look at the upside of circumstances – Change your perspective).

Almost five years ago, at the age of thirty-two, I survived a nearly thousand pound tree limb falling on me, breaking my neck. That near-death accident allowed me to reflect on many aspects of my life: health, relationships, and career. In order to honor the lessons that I learned from my traumatic experience, I started Look Up Day. Each Look Up Day, I treat myself to something that truly makes me happy: getting a good sweaty workout because I physically can, meeting with a group of good friends and family to laugh, or writing, releasing that rekindled artistic talent. I share Look Up Day with you!

Have you had a health scare, accident, job loss, or a bad break up? On top of one of those big challenges in life, did you spill coffee on your new shirt, get a parking ticket, or send an embarassing text to the wrong person? When life serves you a bunch of difficult challenges, both big and small, I call that a Look Up Moment. When the world looks dreadful and your having an exceptionally horrible day is when you need to Look Up. Although it is easy to get negative or even have a pity party, that rarely improves the bad situation. Looking up and that changed perspective does help brighten the situation.

Have you had a Look Up Moment? I would love to celebrate this Look Up Day by hearing from you about your Look Up Moments. Please share with me either my commenting or writing me through my homepage, bottom right corner.

Here’s to looking up!

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