Needing to See the World to Heal


Currently, I’m in Australia nearly 5,500+ miles away from where I typically write and hang my hat, Kauai. I’m in Uluru and on my way to Cairns, both for business and pleasure. I’m generating stories and featured articles, but also celebrating because my up and coming memoir is in the hands of my team of editors, designers, and publisher in the US. It has been nearly five years in the making. So a trip was in order to honor the written feat.

My choice of Australia as a celebratory trip for turning in my book was sparked by a friend, Patrice. In 2010, while I was still recovering from a traumatic accident and a bad, ten-year relationship, she inspired me to walkabout from her condo’s living room in Fort Lauderdale. Little did she know that she planted a seed and I would run with it.

Below is an excerpt from my memoir, When All Balls Drop, explaining her seed and my spark.

 I was inspired by her travel souvenirs and photos, especially Ayers Rock, Thailand, and the South Pacific tropical beaches. I knew from that night that I needed to take a walkabout to see the world with my new eyes. Patrice’s humorous travel tales and beautiful adventures reinforced my need to become as vivacious if not more than I was before. I needed to see the world. Perhaps in so doing, I would trust and stumble upon love again too.

Although Australia was on my list of top destinations for a walkabout, my first walkabout was to Patagonia, Chile and Argentina in 2011. I was living in South Florida at the time; so, proximity was the deciding factor. It turned out to be a stellar choice because the adventure was unforgettable. Patagonia and its splendid Torres del Paine Park was breathtaking. In fact, I saw my first glacier there, the most incredible blue imaginable. However, the journey was more that epic visuals, it was a personal test. It showed me that after surviving a traumatic accident in my early-thirties that I was strong enough, both physically and mentally, as well as ready to independently take on the unknown of travel. I needed to see the world to heal.


This trip to Australia brings back memories of my accident, my painful recovery, that evening with Patrice, and my walkabout to Patagonia. I’m grateful that on this trip I don’t have to prove to myself that I’m strong enough or ready to take on the challenge of travel. I know that I am. This trip just like each and every trip I take, I will see different places, taste unique flavors, and learn about other people, but also, I will learn more about myself.

I needed to see the world to heal when I traveled to South America.

Have you traveled to heal? What did you learn about yourself?



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