April Fool’s and Infidelity

Although I can joke about my past relationship fiasco now, it was one of the most painful things to go through in the moment. In my up and coming memoir, When All Balls Drop, I discuss hot topics about relationships, career change, and health. Since we are celebrating April’s Fools Day, I wanted to highlight an abstract about fooling around (infidelity) from the book:

It just so happened that I was experiencing what many on the global media stage were going through at the same time. Because of John Edwards, Tiger Woods, and numerous others, I got to relive my marital problems and RB’s infidelity on every channel and medium. I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to. I could have traveled to the bush of Alaska to try and get some peace and quiet from all of the adulterers, but most likely there was no escape. It was a global phenomenon.

Through sharing with other women and even men that had lived through infidelity, I found that most did not give up on love. However, they were jaded and not as trusting.

Time and time again, it seemed that the majority that had lived and survived a cheating partner was open to having a relationship again, but certainly not eternal optimists. A European colleague of mine who shockingly shared with me via Facebook that she went through a physical injury as well as adultery during her mid-thirties said to me, “Never expect men to rise to your expectations.” She added that “I don’t believe in fairy tales.”

Have you been fooled? I certainly was.

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