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5 Best Destinations in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Since May this year, most of the travel restrictions to and from New Jersey have no longer been in effect, and people from around the country are free to enjoy its 4-mile boardwalk and sunny skies once again. Besides its broad beaches, Atlantic City attracts almost 120 million visitors yearly as it offers a variety of sights…
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The Best Cities to Visit on Your Travels

Many people ask me, "What is your favorite urban destination?" I counter by asking a question in return, "For what type of trip: family, solo, foodie, warm weather, cold weather, art, or other?" Once I get more of an idea of what he/she is looking for I can provide a better answer. Some of my…
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Everything’s Better With Friends: Planning a Group Trip

Although I have been known to do solo travel, I have also done a lot of group travel through leading group tours in Cuba, Spain, Hawaii, and many other epic destinations. When I ask for feedback post-trip, most of the comments are about the friendships that were made rather than the itinerary nor the destination.…
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